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Invaluable is the world&39;s largest marketplace for art, antiques, and collectibles. API 1608-II 16 Channel Recording and Mixing Console. For Sale - Soundtracs Topaz 24 8-buss analog recording/mixing console. My friend has a Behringer console in his studio. Condition is Used. 1980 SOUNDTRACSMIXER / RECORDING CONSOLE Truly lovely sounding british board from Soundtracs.

View and Download SoundCraft M-SERIES user manual online. Maybe with a fancier 8-12 channel summing box (being fed from a few of the multi-track busses) and master section on the back end. This uses multipoint signal take-offs to watch for overload in several parts of the channel strip, and the led lights more brightly as the signal approaches the peak point. SOUNDTRACS FM SERIES 8 INPUT ANALOGUE CONSOLE - 4 AUX - 4 GROUPS - SERVICED. It has an LED meter bridge, a TT patch bay, and of course a power supply and a manual.

Soundcraft 200SR 8 Channel 4 Bus Mixer with Serviced Power Supply and Cables. 2 user reviews on SoundTracs Topaz 24-8-2. The Yamaha MG16 is a 16-Channel Mixing Console with ten mic (XLR hybrid) and 16 Line Inputs (8 mono + 4 stereo), two GROUP Buses + one Stereo Bus, and four AUX sends. This is a classic British made console with excellent Mic Pres and highly sought after 4 band semi-parametric British EQ. It&39;s got 6 aux sends, two pre fader, 4 stereo returns. This auction includes the console, the road case, and the rack mount power supply (not shown). get the 32 channel version, regardless of how many tracks you record on your facility.

It worked last May, and everything operated as it should, but no warranties are made, and it is being sold as is. Monitoring section has pan, high and low eq. Learn the In&39;s and Out&39;s of a Soundtracs Solo 24/4/2! SSL Matrix 2 16-Channel Mixing Console $ 20,649.

Realistic was the brand name used for a range of midrange audio products manufactured for Radioshack, a division of the Tandy Corporation. 8 assignable groups pathways each channel possesses a double section MUTE / SOLO / PAN / EQ, So for INPUT and TAPE INPUT (eq 2 buttons only) it allows a mixing and mixing HAND BACK MACHINE MAIN to simultaneously so no need to freak around to listen. There is also MIDI mute automation of mutes, which makes it an excellent partner for recording and mixing from a DAW. The hissy sound is from my Crappy camera and not the Console! The following scans of audio equipment manuals, brochures, catalogs, reports and other documents are presented for reference use.

At 120 x 90 x 25cm, the Soundtracs PC-MIDI 24 track is a nice size for one person to operate. M-SERIES music mixer pdf manual download. Add to List Compare. No need for any manual is really hyper intuitive. Please note, some information may be out of date. Just picked up a 24 channel board and have searched around to no avail. I&39;m very interested in the Soundtracs console - any opinions on it soundtracs fm 8 channel mixing console manual compared to the other too as far as headroom, warmth and overall sound. or 2 /month for 60 months Learn more about leasing.

It&39;s a great console. SONY MX-20 FET DISCREET MIXER! The item is pickup only from Yeovil,Somerset. processor with 16 "Gig-Ready" reverbs, choruses and delays Precision 7-band graphic EQ soundtracs fm 8 channel mixing console manual for tuning Mains or Monitors USB I/O for recording shows and music playback via Mac or PC 3 full. Soundtracs Topaz 24-8-4 Soundboard Mixer Mixing Board 24 Channel Peavey Pv-14 - 9.

We&39;re looking to upgrade and consolidate our studios with a shared console. View and Download SoundTracs Solo Live operator&39;s manual online. Soundcraft 200B - Around 00. I&39;d pretty much just be using the console as a big routing box/summing box. soundtracs fm series analogue console - 8 mic / line channel inputs all with insert send & return - 4 sub group / tape return modules with direct outputs plus insert send & return also routing to the main stereo buss - all with 4 aux sends with pre/post options.

Original 1979 Studiomaster 16 into 4 with 2 four channel expanders! Neumann N20 - 16 Channel Console Summing Studer 961 - Vintage Console Summing The Studer 961 is a compact mixing console - one of the very best sounding mixers on the market. With an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, the MG Series boasts an extensive lineup of compact mixing consoles with models ranging from six to twenty channels, suitable.

Avid S4 24-Fader Control. That&39;s odd, but some consoles (and programs, too) don&39;t use the same name for the same things. those who know about them and about modding them never let go of them. Because it&39;s an in-line design, the Project 8 has two inputs (Channel and Monitor) for each channel strip. Solo Live music mixer pdf manual download. Of all the incredible advances currently occurring in digital audio, perhaps the most impressive of all is in the area of digital mixers. Integrated Amplifiers.

32/40 input Console with extensive bantam patch bay, this console has excellent mic pre&39;s ( 4 transistor front end) 4 band EQ ( Filters + 2 mid sweeps and switched hi + lo shelf) + extra parametric EQ on CP. Soundtracs Topaz project 8 Mixing consol Great condition. By Larry The O Published:. TUTORIAL - Duration: 9:26. Inline means that both mic/line input, tape output and tape return are all in each channel strip. Soundtracs Topaz Project 8 recording console. Auction includes: 1 x Soundtracs Topaz X-TPZ-24-4 mixer 1 x Power supply 1 x manual I am the second owner of this mixer. Soundtracs Topaz Project 8 Manual Needed!

Good purchase either way, but as Harvey said. Also for: Spirit m4 rw5631, Spirit m8 rw5632, Spirit m12 rw5633. Thank you for watching!

A unique feature of the signal monitoring is the PEAK led. Topaz 24-8-4 Soundboard Mixer Mixing Board 24 Channel. He had this unit for approximately 2 years in a home studio, purchased brand new from Sweetwater Sound. Realistic Gallery. Not London as stated above* c. Any other suggestions. View and Download SoundCraft M-SERIES user manual online. I currently have a Soundtracs Topaz Project 8 24x8.

The EQ section is great, highs, two sweepable mids, lows. Soundtracs DPC-II: LARGE-FORMAT DIGITAL MIXING CONSOLE. soundtracs mx24 24 input channels each with switchable phantom power, -20db pad, mic/line and phas. Brief Description of my Soundtracs Megas Mix Mixing Console.

Vintage Manuals, Brochures, Catalogs, & Reports. Soundtracs Topaz 24 channel. Amek/TAC Matchless 26 channel analog recording console with 8 auxiliary sends, 24 track bus, 8 effects return inputs, and a 2 channel stereo bus. SOUNDTRACS MRX 32 MIXER; Midas Venice 240 Analog Console (Used) NeveChannel with Flying Faders; Euphonix System 5 Hybrid Digital Console (Used) Neve 8301 "The Kelso" Vintage 10 x 2; Nevex 8 x 2; Harrison Series Ten Console (Used) Amek Rembrandt Console (Used) TASCAM M600 32 Channel Console. Topaz 24-8-2, Analog Mixer from SoundTracs. 99 Peavey Pv-14 Bt Compact 8 Channel Mixing Board Mixer With Bluetoot. Things I love about my Soundtracs: very good preamps (up to a point) clean sound throughout really usable, nice sounding EQ flexibility metering Things I don&39;t love:. With British EQs (2 sweepable mids), high quality mic pre&39;s, 24 mic/line inputs and 24 monitor inputs, this board can go up against competitors costing several thousand $ more.

Each channel features mIc, line, insert, tape in (DAW return), tape out (direct out or DAW out). (We welcome the addition of additional documents to this page. For smooth and accurate channel control, the EPM has 60mm high quality faders as used on other Soundcraft desks. This is a Soundtracs 24X8 mixer, everything works great, comes with meter bridge and power supply.

Soundtracs Solo /8 - I found in mint condition for 0 US. See more videos for Soundtracs Fm 8 Channel Mixing Console Manual. This is a professional console and at the time was seen as a step up from &39;prosumer&39; type boards from Soundcraft and Studiomaster etc in terms of sound and build quality. Buy online, view images and see past prices for Soundtracs Megas 24 Channel Studio Mixing Desk Including Manual (Model: 38U-24-24-S) (Serial No. Features: Professional 8-channel Compact Mixer with onboard effects and USB I/O 4 low-noise, high-headroom Mackie mic preamps with easy LED metering 32-bit RMFX? However, with a healthy supply of outboard EQ&39;s and compressors. Studio/Recording Pro Audio Mixers with 8-23 Channels Mixing Console, 12 Bus 8-23 Channel Pro Audio Mixers, Mackie 8 Bus, Mixing Console 8-23 Channels Pro Audio Mixers, Analogue Pro Audio Mixers with 8-23 Channels Mixing Console, Mixing Console Pro Audio Mixers with Less than 8 Channels, Studiomaster Mixing Console 8-23 Channels Pro Audio Mixers,.

Usually "Studio output" is a copy of the control room (monitor) bus with an on/off switch and sometimes volume control. I&39;m an engineer, I&39;m helping my composer friend sell this to pay her medical bills. Soundtracs desks are like the soundtracs fm 8 channel mixing console manual larger Tascam desks, few people know them and thus few people buy them.

This is one of the few consoles I could be interested in for mixing only. Price: ,000 ebay auction. 4 bus mixer in excellent condition. A&H GL2200/16 - 00. LOGIC MIDI CONTROL/MIXING CONSOLE 32-8. The previous owner cracked the meter bridge but it doesn&39;t affect it at all. This is a 32 channel in-line mixing console with optional meter bridge included. The Project 8 is an analog 8-bus mixer designed for multitrack recording that comes in 24- and 32-channel (48- and 64-input) versions.

84 ex VAT £52,399. The mic pre&39;s and parametric EQ are sweet. I possde one that is the same picture that is a.

Trident Audio Series 68 24 Channel 8 Buss Console With LED Meter Bridge. Noise, and maintains is an issue here as well. Shipping will be soundtracs fm 8 channel mixing console manual via FedEx Ground/Home Delivery and only the actual shipping costs will be charged (estimated between and 0 depending on destination). 8 channel Pro Co 1/4" TS snake with Amphenol connectors available for sale with mixer for an additional .

Soundtracs Solo Mixing Console Tutorial. Can anyone steer me in the direction to one of these user manuals? Having bought this from a friend of mine in 1998.

Soundtracs fm 8 channel mixing console manual

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